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Monday, May 26, 2008
Communication is the key
Even before the child is born,he starts hearing.That's why they say that you should talk to your child when he is in womb wrapped up securely so that he feels comfortable when he is out in this big world of which he knows nothing. When he comes out,he won't understand even a word of what you say but he recognizes your voice,the tone of it and the love it showers. A baby will be able to make out of what you say until around 8 months old but that does not mean he is not listening. So keep talking to your child. Tell him about small things-his toys,things lying in the house and let him respond to what you say,sometimes with just a smile,a squeal or a giggle and you will realise,that in few months he is knowing the world around him through you.Stop him from doing what you think is wrong,I assure you he won't stop doing it but as soon as he starts understanding,he will understand the meaning of a NO. My 7 month old knows when I say No and stops there although after a few minutes, he is again on that track.
These conversations make your child aware and teach him a very special art,the art of communicating,which sometimes even we don't abide to. Let him be the master of his own world.Let him explore the world on his own but he should know that whenever he needs someone,you are just right beside him. These small things lay the foundation for strong and open communication between kids and their parents which parents always yearn for and this starts right when the child is born.
So don't wait,start today.

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