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Thursday, July 22, 2010
Here I Am, A Child Again...
I love that innocent smile,

That curious look in the eyes…

I love that laughter on even the silliest of pranks,

That gusto and happiness on running simplest errands…

I love that carefree soul with no pretence,

That urgency to play and waving sorrow just as a distant acquaintance…

When I see him hidden behind the curtains, waiting for me to seek,

It brings back the child in me that I lost somewhere in the deep…

I have started believing again in the Alice’s wonderland and Snow white

My little bundle of joy has again shown me the light…

Light to live, forgive and light to let go of pain …

And here I am, a child again…


Tuesday, July 6, 2010
Cartoons: Harmelss Entertainment Or .... ?
Whenever I am busy with something and my son gets unruly or don't have anything to do, I switch on the TV and let him watch cartoons. Cartoon channel is probably the only channel which I feel is fine for him to watch even without supervision. And the same view is shared by most of the moms around the world. Harmless entertainment as we may put it, right from our childhood to all the next generations, cartoons have been essential part of our growing up.

But if recent studies are to be believed, these have been the triggers of violence in kids. In my niece's school, a classmate bullied her and when questioned, he said, he saw it happening in his favorite cartoon series. And such incidents are happening all over. With an attempt to make cartoon stripes simulate real life, the creators have forgot that they have kids as their audience and their impressionable minds take everything without understanding the good and the bad of it.

It does not mean that the children should not watch cartoons. Everybody loves cartoons. I am a die hard fan of Tom and Jerry so why completely forbid them from watching. The key lies in being selective in what you should expose them to. For e.g. Exposing them to action figures too early in childhood is dangerous. There are certain cartoons like 'Mickey mouse clubhouse' that teach children in fun way and are very interesting to watch.

So let's just keep Turbo Man and Spider man in closet for a while and pull out Mickey and Friends for a generous dose of laughter. Once they are big enough to understand and you are ready to explain, even Spider Man adventures of taking to task the Evil can be super fun.
What do you say?

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