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Saturday, September 27, 2008
A short note
Hi Guys

I know I haven't been a regular to your blogs and mine too from the last few days. Well I have been busy with our relocation plan. We are relocating from our current place and it will take few days or may be a month to again become blog savvy and meet you all...
I hope we will be in touch soon...
See you all,till then happy blogging...
I will miss you.. :-(


Sunday, September 21, 2008
The Big D
What come to your mind when you read the title????
Well no prizes for guessing but its the most important word in the dictionary of moms......... and its..... Discipline.

Sometimes the kids appear too small and sometimes big enough to introduce discipline but I feel its never too early. As soon as you can start disciplining your child,the better a person he will grow into. Most of us don't even know and instinctively introduce discipline like sleeping habits,eating habits. These are nothing but varied forms of training your child.

My 11 month old is very naughty.He knows when I am saying No but still will do those things. I don't know its out of sheer curiosity or the same behavior as adults (i have to do when some one says No :) ) But the good thing is that before doing something forbidden,he looks at me for the reaction and he is smart enough to play on it :)

The crux is that you need to start setting boundaries,differentiating the good from bad, not always but sometimes ignoring the no reason cries and letting the child know your reaction.Its very important and it works. As you understand the child's behavior,he is also working on understanding you are saying and what does it mean. Only the closer family, mom,dad and sometimes grand parents are the ones the children of this age relate to and understand them. So be loving,be tough,be sweet and be the best you can.

Tip: Before setting any boundaries and adhering to them,remember your child is still in the phase of understanding how this world and the things in it work so give relaxation one time or the other... :)

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Thursday, September 4, 2008
Workings Moms get well deserved break
I read an article in the newspaper today regarding government panel proposing more maternity leave. Conventionally in India,the maternity leave period is three months which I believe is very less time. In three months,neither your baby is big enough to be left with someone else other than the mother nor as a mother you are fully cuperated.

It came as a relief when i read this news item because the panel has now propsed a maternity leave upto the period of 6 months and the leave that can be availed in continuation has been raised to two years. The panel has also recommended a flexible child care leave system and a disability allowance which the government has accepted. I must say that the government is now looking forward to a better future and a developed nation.

Although I could not take all these benefits for my first child and opted to leave the job, yet it is a very welcome decision for all the mothers who yearn for a career and growing up their kids side by side but have to choose one. For me,it was a consious decision,but had I have the opportunity to extend my leave even further,I would have done that and haven't left the job.
I don't know about the laws in other countries but hope that they are mother friendly and allow the children to grow in a healthier,nurtured environment.

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