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Thursday, March 12, 2009
Side effects of Amoxicillin
As I wrote in my previous post, Maks got heat stroke. I thought he would be fine soon but the things got worse when we came back home. The reason was his denial to milk due to which he was only eating bit by bit and his whole digestion went for a toss. For the next two days, he was only sleeping and sleeping, not having food at all. It was just horrifying for me.

We took him to the doctor. He requested blood and urine investigations. For infant's blood sample, they prick the needle in the upper part of the wrist taking away the blood drop by drop. At that time it was not only my son that was crying but there was no choice. We had to be strong and get over with it. Investigations revealed a minor viral infection and he prescribed Amoxicillin.

I gave him the first dose and within half an hour, he puked. As the evening approached, he started to show signs of diarrhoea. We immediately went to the doctor and he then told us very simply, "it is quite common". I really felt disappointed as he should have mentioned all these things to us beforehand so that we could have taken these reactions or side effects of amoxicillin easily and would not have panicked.

During the five day course of the amoxicillin, although vomiting subsided but diarrhoea remained as usual. The problem was he was not eating or drinking anything apart from little tit bits and was losing so much of fluid. Thankfully things started turning favorable and he started taking little bit of milk, juice and some food as well. As soon as the course finished, his diarrhoea also subsided and he was improving on the eating front.

Just in case, you have to give your child amoxicillin, keep in mind the following side effects so that you do not panic and can handle the things more effectively:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Skin rash
These are the most predominant side effects of amoxicillin. Try and give Oral Rehydration solution (ORS) to the child and as much water as possible. If he or she shows reluctance to ORS as my son did then adding a little bit of sugar and salt to juice can work well. Give lots of fluids and specially during illness, don't force the child to have anything that he or she does not want to.

All these things worked for my son. Although he did lost some weight, he is now fine, happy and running as usual. It is always difficult to pass through the time of illness and specially when there is a child involved, you seem to lose all your interest. With him again screaming and taking the whole house by storm, I am happy and back to my normal self. I think I like being a chasing, scolding mom :)

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009
Birthday in Goa
It was my birthday and my hubby planned a nice surprise. Just two days before my favorite day, he announced we are going to Goa. Oh! My God! was my instant reaction. Anyone who knows my love for beaches can very well read the thoughts and emotions behind this reaction. For those who don't know India well- Goa, a city of beautiful beaches, is a paradise where you will find nature at its very best. With large palm and coconut trees adorning the sand make the place look serene. This is the only tourist spot in India that has more foreigners than the native people.

The next very moment reality sunk in and I hesitated on the thought of handling Maks, my son, away from home. After all it was going to be the first long vacation with him. But the temptation of one of the most wanted holiday spots on my list took the better of me, we packed our bags and we were off to Goa. That was the best birthday ever with candle light dinners by the beach side, attending shack parties and days full of fun and water sports.

Handling Maks was quite a task though. I have always considered him a game for new things. He likes going out and loves water so the least expected reaction was he being scared of a beach. Children always surprise you and so did he. The moment I put his feet in water, he started crying at the top of his voice and was running away. I was shocked and couldn't understand what was happening. Then I realized it was not the water but the typical sound of splashing waves that made him uncomfortable. One incident that I can clearly recall is he looking at the waves while sitting in my lap and then immediately burying his face in the cozy corner formed by my arms. It looked as if he was again trying to get into my womb. Throughout the entire holiday, one of us used to be with him out of water and the other one enjoying alone.

We tried and failed but never stopped trying. And finally just before the day we were about to leave, he was feeling ok. I won't say he started liking the waves but he was getting used to the idea. He threw another big challenge my way. Somehow, he suddenly showed reluctance to take formula milk and that is the only option when you are on move. I really had a hard time making him drink and eat things. May be he was not feeling good from inside. He had lots of water but very little milk. We came to know later that it was a heat stroke.

It was a learning experience in terms of taking care of kids on a holiday. They have to be handled much more carefully and cautiously than adults. We have the endurance but there is still time for them to be that strong. Nevertheless it was a holiday worth remembering both for good and little tough times. And that’s the way it is with kids around.

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