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Thursday, May 28, 2009
Susan Boyle: How are we conditioning our kids?
Few days back, I came across a news article about the recent British singing sensation Susan Boyle. A broody Scottish woman well past her mid 40's is participating in a show called "Britain's Got Talent". She was introduced as the woman with completely unpolished appearance and her admittance of never been kissed in life made things even worse. A laughing stock for the judges, participants and audience, this britain's got talent star left everyone dazed once she started to sing. Her vocal talent wooed the judges and audience alike.

When I read this story, I couldn't help but wonder the stereotypical mindsets and cynical attitudes we have indicating the obsession of the world with physical appearance. If someone is beautiful, fair and attractive, we presume that the person definitely has some talent even if it is just about average. And on the other side, we mock and don't appreciate people with bad appearances and dismiss them right away. Our judgemental skills are the result of years of conditioning of our minds that fair and attractive is good and ugly is always bad. Even our fairy tails glorify this assumption(remember snow white).

But this story also suggests one more fact that we love sad stories, rags to riches personas and enjoy the kick they give to our emotions. The success of emotional dramas on tv and movies on complete make overs move on to prove this fact. Susan Boyle's video was seen record number of times on Internet with no restriction of age, gender or geographical location. The truth is we talk about it, show symapthy and then move on and choose to do nothing.

Can we change the world? Are we giving our kids the same conditioning we had for years and decades or do we have the courage to break the stereotype? We can change the things, we can outrun the obsession but the point is do we want to? This is the irony of life.

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Sunday, May 17, 2009
Baby contest
I haven't for a long time entered my son into any contest but when the offer came knocking at my door, I couldn't resist. It is a contest for the babies of our city. So here it is. I have entered my son for this contest and would like all of you to have a look and vote.


Hope to see him emerge as a winner with all your support.

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Sunday, May 10, 2009
Happy Mother's Day
Just a hug, just a smile
Just a ring across the miles
Unconditional gift of love, care
The warmth of compassion and ability to share
That's all what a mother needs...

Being a mother has taught me what nothing else in the world can... unconditional love. The day I held my son in my arms, tears rolled down my cheeks and i thought to myself,"how can anyone be so innocent, so sweet." It was love at first sight. The nights I spent feeding him showed me that even when I didn't receive a smile in return or even if he couldn't recognize me, how unselfish and giving love can be. Nothing can match the feeling of seeing your own extension moving freely in this world.

Motherhood is a celebration of life,love and all the byproducts that come with it,a little scolding, sometimes rejection but at the end a feeling of completeness.As they say, since God cannot be everywhere, He made mother. Mothers are special. We are strong enough to go through all the pain in the world to endure childbirth and still come out with a feeling of satisfaction and heart full of happiness. We have the courage to carry the weight of entire household on our frail shoulders and do so with a smile on our face. We have the will power to go on even when everyone else loses hope and serve the family in health and in sickness. We have the patience to listen to our children's anxieties and give them the right advice even when it means 'I don't
care' attitude from them. We have the power to love our children in times of happiness, grief, hurt, anger, frustration, success and failure.

Most of all, a mother is a gift from God and all those who have her are the most fortunate and the truly blessed. Ask them who are living their life without the love and support of their mothers and I am not talking about only orphans here.

To all my friends all around the world who are mothers and also those who are about to embrace this special gift of life, Happy Mother's Day. You are the one making a big difference in this material world with the inherent qualities of humanity and compassion.

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Monday, May 4, 2009
Swine Flu
With swine flu being declared the pandemic alert of level 5 by WHO, every nation needs to prepare for this waiting in the lurch epidemic. Every day the newspaper is filled with so many articles about swine flu, and H1N1 virus that were non existent till now. Yesterday only I read that the first human infected with swine flu was a small boy from the city of Mexico who lived closer to large pig farm. For those who don't know, the virus is spread from pigs but is now fast transferring among humans. It made me wonder how secure our children are or as a matter of fact how secure are we?

Already 180 deaths reported in Mexico due to swine flu and Chicago and Texas making the beeline, this H1N1 influenza is commuting real fast. The travel plans are being cancelled and professionals are being cautioned to travel to infected cities. The international airports are on high alert with team of doctors monitoring visitors and quarantining them at the slightest provocation. India is fast buckling up to handle this situation. There are 5 suspect cases in India as of now which are being kept in tight observation and are quarantined to contain the effects of the swine flu virus.

With around 67% jump in the confirmed cases of H1N1 virus or swine flu since Friday,we as individuals also need to be ready when it comes to controlling the spread of a potential epidemic already covering 18 countries. Here are few precautions that we should take to safeguard our kids and ourselves from swine flu:
  • If you come across symptoms like body ache and fever, do not ignore.
  • Do visit a physician if the condition stays for more than 24 hours. It can be coughing, sneezing and upper respiratory disorders.
  • In case of even the slightest doubt, start using a mask while coming in contact with the child and otherwise. Take a test because timely diagnosis is the savior.
  • Wash your hands frequently and use good hygiene practices with your child.
  • Keep the kids clean and use sanitizers.
  • If you see any person or child with the prolonged flu like symptoms, advice him or her to go to doctor or inform the appropriate authorities to conduct the check.

There is no proper medicine for swine flu, it is only the timely care that can help in saving the precious life. This does not mean that you should start panicking and start feeling the heat of the moment but it definitely means that you should be ready to gauge the onset. The government for sure is taking measures but we should also do our bit in taking control of the situation and making world a safer place.

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