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Thursday, February 5, 2009
How often do we try to understand our kids?
How often do we acknowledge that they are right?
Kids try to convey things one way or the other but we don't listen. Parents are like that sometimes. When I was in school, there was a cousin of mine notorious to be the naughtiest child around. He used to come home with big zeros in tests and his parents used to fight over him. Cursing him and each other was the order of the day in their home. But what they seemed to ignore was the special talent he had in his hands and ears.

He was very good with music. All the music classes we joined together, he was a topper all the way. But his parents never bothered to groom his talent as for them academics make your life and not so called extra curricular activities. After a while, he was not even allowed to join any extra course other than studies. His all ambitions to make it big in the music industry were nipped in the bud and there he was, still not understanding the gibberish teachers used to teach him at school.

One day a medical drive in school revealed the details to his behavior. He was dyslexic. His parents were called and they were told he was a special child and needs a special school. They couldn't understand. "He was a naughty child with no interest in studies, that's it, there was nothing more to it", they thought. But the problem was deep. The school also didn't understand.

Dyslexia is a disorder that causes learning disabilities. The children often jumble up words, confuse with similar sounding words, wrong spellings every time. This disability is different from any neural problem. These children don't need special schools as they are not physically or mentally challenged. A little extra care and understanding of their problems can make them excel in studies.

As parents, many a times we ignore the activities of our children, not on purpose but by presuming things. Dyslexia demands care and not whipping. If you find your child repeating the same mistakes again and again and a definitive pattern in his study related problems, do consult a doctor. Get him or her analyzed and please don't jump the gun and write off your child by saying he or she is good for nothing. Studies is not the only area of expertise or something your child should excel in. Groom the special talent he or she has and give them the confidence that you understand. And you will see, how your support works wonders for your child.

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