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Wednesday, June 18, 2008
Parents as role models
I saw a happy meal virtually turning into sad as I read through recent post of my fellow blogger Jeff Iversen, I realized how fast food is getting under the skin of children today.They pick these habits either from their parents or from their peers. If this has come from their peers,you can still tackle this problem as a parent but what would you do when you yourself is a slave to junk food and see your child inflating like a balloon with those empty calories he is putting on.

Do today's parents really make as good role models? Do children really feel like following their parents? We often crib that children do not listen,they argue. The answer lies in your hearts. If you peep a little deeper,you yourself will realize what kind of example you are setting for your children.This does not stop at the kind of food you eat but what you talk,what you feel,what you portray,all in all what you are. How proud do we feel when we see our children as reflection of ourselves."He looks like me",the comment itself fills a parent's heart with pride but if he is picking up all my wrong habits,I would rather say,its good he is not like me.

To bring your child in control,first you need to be in control.You need to curb all those habits which you will never want your child to have may it be futile anger,a sky rocketing ego or being an emotional fool. Stop your child from doing wrong but do not give him an opportunity to pin point yours. Lead by example.

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