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Friday, July 4, 2008
Religion:Passing on faith
Few days back,I was going through one of the blogs and read about religion.I started thinking about how I would want my baby to inherit the religion.

I would like him to tread he path of religion like I did,on my own. Every religion teaches faith in God but not every religion has same God. I believe in the existence of the ultimate power that always backs you. This faith not only has given me the high of life but I have always remain grounded as well. No matter how bad a situation is,I have always turned to Him and found a way out. If in any situation,luck matters, God brings me that luck. I always felt myself as God's chosen one because He is always been there for me.

I want my child to believe in the Almighty,find peace in His blessings. I want him to know that if he is working hard,giving his best and is being a good soul,he will always be treated as God's special child.He will always be taken care of. I hope I will be able to instill in him the Faith and give him high moral values.

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